The Difference between an HRT Doctor and a General Practitioner

There are a lot of men my age going to their general practitioners and getting prescribed 200mg per week of testosterone – which is too much – and the doctors are not prescribing HCG and estrogen blockers – which is absolutely necessary – so these men suffer estrogen poisoning.  Any HRT doctor will tell you these general practitioners are bordering malpractice because they have no understanding of how these drugs work and they’re just shooting from the hip.  HRT doctors not only understand the entire matrix between testosterone and estrogen and growth hormones, they often consult with people like me because I have almost 30 years of firsthand experience with these substances – and that counts – and they know it – so they also employ great practical knowledge.  If you’re one of these testosterone test cases for your general practitioner, you’ve likely noticed your face is puffy and have perhaps encountered other problems such as insomnia, lack of sex drive, acne, night sweats and general irritability.  This is because excessive testosterone converts to estrogen (which is called aromizing).  Go to an HRT doctor if you want your hormones corrected!  Don’t be an experiment.  I have countless friends who have suffered this fate.  If you’d like to sign up for our Sept. 29 blood draw and meet with our HRT doctor, please click on this link to enroll.

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