The Key to Maintaining Fitness Motivation

To achieve and maintain your fitness goals, you must stick with your program forever, so its not surprising that many highly motivated individuals eventually fall off the wagon.  The other day a good friend asked me what’s the best way to stay motivated.  I believe the answer lies in COMPETITION – however that may manifest itself – whether in sports, against illness or oneself.  Training for a sport provides an athletic identity and purpose which will ground you to the fitness lifestyle.  And there are many sports to choose from, even at my age.  For example – rock climbing, boxing, tennis, cycling, kettlebell Sport and CrossFit.  Also, making friends in your sport will further cement you to the fitness lifestyle.  If your buddies are going to the rock climbing wall – then you’ll be going to the rock climbing wall.  Conversely, if your friends are going to the local bar – you know the rest of that story.  But competition doesn’t have to be confined to sports.  If you have a health issue – get mad – get resolute – and get competitive with that health issue.  If you’ve got type II diabetes, make it a fight – beat it!  And don’t forget those silent competitions against other people which harken to the adage – Living Well is the Best Revenge.  We all know people against whom we silently compete.  Well beat those people!  Look better.  Be better.  Outlive them.  Make them swallow your passive aggressive pill of victory.  (Women – you totally know what I’m talking about:)  Yea, I know that sounds twisted – but it’s reality.  Ultimately, if you wanna stay the course, you have to stay competitive – even if it’s with yourself. 

Get Competitive!!    Dena 2013 0111 

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