The Key to Progress – Veggies

Veggies are the most important food in the human diet, here’s why: Aside from excessive amounts of salt which are not healthy for us, veggies are the only food which alkalize or ph-balance the body. We cannot absorb vitamins and minerals if we are not ph-balanced. The human body functions best on all levels when it is ph-balanced.

Veggies are loaded with every vitamin and mineral required by the human body. So veggies not only alkalize the body they also provide us with every vitamin and mineral we need – a big win win. When we conducted our GF blood trials, everyone who drank veggie shakes had perfect vitamin and mineral levels – and no one was taking supplements.

The living enzymes found in raw veggies are the turnkey to all physical progress – whether building muscle, shedding fat or seeking higher performance and peak health. Living enzymes are critical!

The dark pigments in veggies also give our skin a healthy glow.

The fiber in veggies absorbs toxins, sugars and cholesterol. This lowers both blood sugar and cholesterol.

And this might really surprise you – veggies dramatically support hormone levels. During our GF trials, those who drank veggie shakes averaged 300 points higher in testosterone and 30 points higher in growth hormone – honest to God!


The ingredients for a good veggie shake: cinnamon, Greek yogurt, Ultimate Meal, protein powder, fish oil, skim milk and lots of raw veggies.

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