The Korean WhoreHouse – A Mind Opener

The most rowdy and crowded street in Pusan, Korea is Texas Street (go figure), littered with whorehouses, drug dealers, and thugs from every country on earth. When we arrived in Pusan for liberty, guess where all the men wanted to go? Texas Street! Yeah, great! I decided not to drink that night, knowing that someone could easily vanish on Texas Street, so I begged the men to stick together and pick just one whorehouse/bar for the entire night. (Don’t freak guys – I’m not mentioning names, dates, military or contract units) Arriving at the whorehouse, the immediate good news was that the downstairs bar area had good seating and played my kind of music (classic rock) at low volume, where I could talk and hear myself think. My nerves were already shot. I sat there watching the men going upstairs, coming back down, going back up, and even watched one of the guys pass a piece of hard candy back and forth between his mouth and the mouth of a hooker until he fell off the barstool backwards. Despite landing flat on his back, he was fine. We’d been operating hard for six weeks and the men were letting loose. As I sat there by the only window in the place overlooking the street, the men periodically came over to check in, and soon one prostitute joined me for conversation. Initially, I thought she wanted to practice her English, but we wound up talking the entire evening. She elected to forgo an entire evening’s wages to discuss current events, life in America, and her life growing up in Seoul. So there I was on the far side of planet, sitting in a whorehouse, and having a conversation with a well informed young prostitute about current events – in perfect English. Who’du thought I’d have an enjoyable and enlightening evening under those circumstances? She was charming, colorful, and brilliant, and we actually wrote several times the following year. No, I did not go upstairs, but yes she did offer me a free ride – which I mention only because I know you’re wondering. The point for open-minded people: If we can look past our ethnocentric morality and culture, people are just people, and more often than not – really impressive people.      

This is a stock image. The prostitutes did NOT look like this:(   korean

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