The Legend of Julie Cattell

We’ve all heard of Paul Revere riding through the woods warning the Americans that the British were coming, but the story of Julie Cattell’s 7th-great grandfather, Jonas Cattell is much cooler. (Julie’s story will tie in momentarily) Having been arrested by the British in Haddonfield, NJ for being drunk, Jonas Cattell overheard British plans to attack Fort Mercer the following morning, so he wiggled through the iron bars and ran ten miles through the woods to warn the Americans, who subsequently defeated the British against 2-1 odds and killed their commanding officer. Now, each year, to commemorate Jonas Cattell’s exploits, Haddonfield hosts a run from that same stone jail to Fort Mercer, where they then reenact the battle. Well Julie inherited Jonas’ steely resolve (and well-shaped legs I might add:) She’s been running that race four years now. She won it last Saturday, and she’s won it all four years in a row. If you know Julie, be sure and congratulate her. FYI – she’s moving to San Diego in January to train for the Olympics in the 800 meter. How f%cking cool is that?!      

There’s our girl. Congrats Julie!!       julie 2014

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