The Truth About Testosterone Therapy

All men in their forties begin to notice physical changes – a lower sex drive, more aches, a little more belly fat and less energy, and they probably do have low testosterone levels – but diet is more important to the equation.  Yes, testosterone is an easy fix – just get an injection, but I have numerous friends who’ve gone that route only to be disappointed.  They took a shot, continued eating garbage, nothing changed and they actually gained weight.  Hormones are critical – no doubt – and I push them hard, we sell them, but if you don’t correct your diet and add in some exercise, they won’t work for you.  And that’s the bottom line.  If you’d like to get your blood analyzed and take the journey into HRT (hormone replacement therapy) I can hook you up with a correct plan, but remember – you must do your part.  THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL – OR SHOT.  The first chapter of my ebook explains correct diet and it’s free to download – just click on the ebook icon and scroll to the bottom of the page. (972) 768-5991.


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