The Turkish Get-Up – for Serious Punching Power

The Turkish get-up is without a doubt the greatest weighted exercise for punching power.  It works the shoulder and chest in conjunction with the core and legs using every forward muscle in the body.  IT WILL ENHANCE ANY ATHLETIC ENDEAVOR.  Although seemingly difficult to execute, one can easily master the 5 basic positions.  Position one starts on the back with the weight locked overhead and the same leg bent.  Note:  In photo one my left knee should be bent – the photo is incorrect.  (Having the weight locked overhead means locking the elbow straight and leaning the arm slightly back locking out the shoulder.  If you’re using a challenging weight and the arm falls forward, the weight will come down!  The lockout is critical.)  The first movement is to explode up onto the elbow of the free arm.  From there, you simply raise from the elbow onto the palm of your hand.  Then, using that hand and the opposing foot to support your weight, you shuffle your legs underneath you into a kneeling position.  From there you stand up.  Then you do it in reverse.  Try 4 sets of 10 on each side twice a week.  You’ll notice a dramatic difference in functional strength within a month.    


The Turkish Get-Up      


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