There is NO Legitimate HGH to be had off the Street!!

Three different men told me this week that they were taking Nutropin (the most expensive synthetic HGH manufactured) – which they had purchased from a “friend” for $300.  (10 vials for $300!) Ha ha.  It costs a LOT more than that to make the stuff.  (Only several labs in the country even have the ability to suspend the 191 amino acid sequence into that fragile peptide bond we call human growth hormone)  If it sounds too good to be true – it is.  Fake HGH is big business.  The knockoff packaging looks fantastic because there’s so much profit to be scammed.  And these dealers always have the same BS cover stories – my friend works at a pharmacy – my friend works at the factory – I got it from a guy with AIDS who needed the money.  I’ve heard this same sh&t for 25 years now.  If a guy with AIDS wanted to part with 30mg of Nutropin – he could easily sell it for full value – $4,000.  Even the cheap brands of HGH like Omnitrope and Tev-tropin go for $1,200 a month.  But you never see knockoffs of the cheap stuff.  It’s always Genotropin or Nutropin.  Sorry guys it’s all bogus.  There is NO legit HGH to be had off the street – and certainly not at 1/10th of the actual price.  If you absolutely have to have synthetic HGH – you absolutely have to get it from a doctor – and pick it up from the pharmacy yourself:)

I’ll save the dangers of HGH levels in excess of 250 for another day, but if you’d like to know the dangers of synthetic, please read the latter half of my write up on Growth Factor.

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