This Weeks HGH Scam Story

I’m always screaming there is no legitimate HGH to be had off the street.  So yesterday a well to do gentleman who 3 weeks ago showed me his impressive looking 10 pack of Nutropin took my advice and got his blood work performed.  His IGF-1 came back at 114!!  And this fellow is 38 years old.  (This is a low number.  If the product were real this number would’ve been at least 250).  If you’re getting HGH from a fool at the gym, or through a profit motivated “friend” go get your blood work performed –  You’ll soon discover that you’ve been duped.  HGH knockoffs are big big business.  The packaging will always look perfect – otherwise you wouldn’t buy it – right?  

Now the crazy part.  This gentleman seemed disappointed with the news that 114 was low, but then he says to me, “but the packaging was unbelievable.  I just bought $900 more of another brand that I got from a friend.  I’m going to take it for 2 weeks and get my blood taken again.”  Ugh!  I recommended he take it back to his “friend” and give him a bogus HGH suppository.

I wonder if he will ever try our Growth Factor. 

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