Three – 20 Minute Workouts to Sculpt Your Butt

If you’re looking to comprehensively work your butt and legs in a short period of time, here are three short but highly effective 20 minute routines – that will also enhance performance and conditioning:

Lunge Drills: (Men grab a 40 pound dumbbell and women a 20). Holding the dumbbell in your left hand conduct 5 lunges forward with your left leg, then do 5 to the rear. (You’re not going anywhere – just returning to the standing position) Without resting, swap hands with the dumbbell and do 5 lunges to the front with your right leg, then 5 to the rear. Now dangle the dumbbell in front of your crotch, holding it with both hands and do 5 lunges to the left and then 5 to the right. This should take you about one minute. Rest for a minute, then conduct another round, and continue like this until you’ve knocked out 10 rounds. This workout should take 20 minutes – and you will feel it the next day – especially in your butt. (If this is too easy – use a heavier weight or increase the number of reps:)

Box Drills: This is another 10 round robin. Use a platform 12-24 inches high – depending on your level of conditioning. While standing on the box, step forward and down off the box with your left leg – the right foot remains on the box, then explode back up onto the box. (Your right leg will also be doing an equal amount of work) Do 5 step-downs to the front, 5 to the rear and then 5 off the left side of the box. Remember to EXPLODE back up onto the box. Then work the right leg the same way, 5 step-downs to the front, 5 to the rear and then 5 to the side. Again, it should take one minute to complete a round. Rest for one minute and then punch out another round – and so on – until you’ve completed 10 rounds.

Kettlebell Drills: (Men using a 40 pounder, women a 20), conduct 10 swings, 10 straight leg deadlifts, and then 20 Suma squats. You know the drill – 10 rounds.

You don’t have to kill yourself to develop and maintain a nice set of wheels, but you do have to attack from different angles and put in legitimate work and volume. For a 20 minute workout – these will definitely provide the most bang for the buck. AND DON’T FORGET SPRINTS. THEY ALSO ROCK.

Never conduct the same routine twice – keep mixing it up.     1328xxx-R1-028-12A

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