Throwing a Good Punch

Although I’ll conclude with the most important bit of advice, I’ll start by saying – If you think you’re about to get in a scrape – keep your chin down and your hands up.  Always protect yourself!  Then level yourself – bend the knees and lower yourself a few inches.  This will increase your power.  The power shockwave should start in the foot and travel through to the fist, the majority of power coming from the legs and from turning the shoulders.  The arm is just the tip of the whip, and your fist should be cracked just like a whip – fast and with everything behind it.  Speed kills!

Always try to avoid conflict!!  Fighting these days is a real lose-lose proposition.  Your choices are either jail or the hospital – so make darn sure it’s something that has to happen – but if it does – ALWAYS TAKE THE FIRST SHOT – and never stop punching until your opponent is down and completely finished!!     

Remember:  Chin down, hands up, legs bent!  

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