Time and Age Don’t Mean Squat!

I love bragging on my friends and family who’ve gone that extra mile in sports or the military or both, so meet Scott Westbrook and Kelly Ernce – two brothers from EODMU-3 (Naval Amphibious Base Coronado Island).  The photo below features Kelly to my right and Scott to my left – taken 20 years ago on the dolphin piers.  Below that, I posted their photos today.  So how do they look – BETTER – I think so, and I know they’re better athletes.  NOBODY IS TOO OLD TO GET BACK IN THE GAME!  Keep reading, I’ll put up more photos of these guys in 20 years:)

Age just means you have to play smart and not take your body for granted.   

The dolphin piers 20 years ago.      

Kelly now 46.        Scott now 50.  

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