1.      Perform stick twists.  Crunches will tighten the waist, but they will not burn fat locally.  Ab work can actually thicken one’s girth – albeit with muscle, but larger nevertheless.  There is only one exercise which will burn fat locally around the midsection and that’s stick twists.  Stick twists have a thermogenic effect, generating heat like the old Indian rope burn trick – remember, from grade school (where someone grabbed your wrist with both hands and twisted them back and forth).  It burned!  Same deal with stick twists.

2.     Eat small meals throughout the day.  Keep the stomach small!

3.     Avoid red meat.  Red meat takes twice as long to digest as other meats and raw foods.  Don’t cause a digestive traffic jam.

4.     Work on your posture.  Gravity is real and most people slump.  I catch myself all the time.  Focus on walking tall and holding in your stomach.

5.     Eat lots of fiber!  Fiber acts like a broom along the digestive track.

6.     Last but certainly not least, stop eating refined sugars.  We are highly allergic to them and they cause swelling along the entire digestive track.  Going off sugars will alleviate the allergic swelling.

These suggestions will make a significant difference in your waistline – some instantly!

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