To Build and Sculpt a Muscle – 3 Workout Fundamentals are a Must

Although I usually harp on functional strength training to enhance athletic performance, if your goal is to build and sculpt a specific muscle, then you have to abandon the principles of strength training (which involves using all muscles at once) and instead isolate the muscle, work it from every angle and completely tear it down. For example: If you want to build and shape your biceps, you have to perform curls without other muscles assisting in the movement – only the biceps do the work. This is called isolation work. Machines are good for the beginner. Then you have to work the muscle from every angle by conducting curls with the palms facing up, with the palms facing down, and in the hammer position. Each hand position works the muscle entirely different. Regardless of which muscle you’re working, you have to be comprehensive and work it from every angle. There will always be three angles of attack. (If you need additional clarification on a specific muscle group, please refer to our free ebook located on the toolbar) Finally, most importantly, you have to destroy the muscle, and not just with sets and reps, but by going to absolute failure. Most people don’t understand what absolute failure means, so let’s go back to the biceps illustration. After you’ve completed your reps and think you’ve reached failure – don’t stop! Continue by slinging the weight back up (using all of your muscles) and slowly lower it back down, over and over (called negatives) until you can’t do anymore that way. But don’t stop there. Finish the muscle completely by attempting yet more curls (even if you’re only moving the weight 2-3 inches) and keep pumping like this until you can’t move the weight at all. This is failure. If you conduct 16 sets on your biceps from different angles and finish off each set like this – I guarantee your muscles will respond – if your hormones and diet are correct. If you want to develop your muscles, you have to isolate them, work them from every angle, and destroy them.  

This is the hammer position.     BOOK 029

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