Training around Serious Injuries

I’ve never gone a week without exercise, much less three weeks, and yet, that’s my reality now as I recover from a head injury. The doctors even say, my best friend, Derek Schoppa MD included, that I can’t over-exert myself for the next year…or even get my brain warm! So my life is going to look very different this year. With normal joint and muscle injuries, I tell people to work around the pain, and use light weights or different movements, but my current predicament is more all-encompassing. I imagine I’ll be conducting cable and pulley movements only, using no weight to speak of, and will stick with super-high repetitions. At this point, still in bed, that’s my best guess. Oddly, now three weeks in bed, I haven’t noticed any atrophy. But it’s only been three weeks, and that will change. Whatever. Anything is doable. When I’m back on my feet, I’ll figure it out, and I’ll keep you posted.

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