Tune In – Turn On – Drop Out

When Timothy Leary said – tune in – turn on – and drop out, he was of course referring to LSD, but in a healthier context I’d say it’s extremely wise advice.  We should tune in, learn and thirst for knowledge.  Equally important, we should turn on and implement that knowledge.  But most important, I’d say drop out – drop out of the game completely.  I know countless people who are in a never ending quest for the right car, job, clothes, party, title, reputation and house.  They’re so busy chasing their tails they’re too dizzy to realize how miserable they are.  After my  big felony arrest my final semester in law school, I dropped out of the social game thinking I had no choice.  But it was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I’ve been free for 13 years.  Before that – I never knew what freedom was.  I say drop out – dress how you want, live how you want and follow your passions.           

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