Two for One Growth Factor: This Month Only

I’ve continually improved our GF Antler formula over the past seven years, continually improving quality and concentrations, from 1,500 milligrams to 4,500 milligrams and eventually to 8,500 milligrams – while cutting our pricing by 50%! In these continuing efforts to provide the world’s finest GF product, we’ve also included the most potent sources included by the Russian Olympic Team: Mucuna Pruriens, Black Ant Powder, Suma Root, Red Korean Ginseng, Aloe Vera, and Black Nettle – all with multiple benefits. Also, in this quest to provide the best, we’ve stockpiled a great deal of old inventory which I’ve used for studies on drug addicts, athletes, and wounded warriors. But now it’s time to clear off the shelves. Anyone who orders a new bottle of GF 8,500 will be rewarded with a second bottle of old inventory free. (But have no fear, our ‘original stuff’ is still the best and carries a 50 year shelf life). If you purchase off our site – a second bottle will be included, or you can run me down on the street, where I spend most of my time turning circles.

When people ask if I look the way I do because I take GF, this is my answer: I could never look this way without GF, but it’s merely one piece to a larger formula including diet and exercise.


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