Veggie Shake Formula

The key and secret to physical progress is in raw veggies!

Blending my veggies and mixing in all of my daily nutrition, is not only cost effective (less than $75 a week), but highly convenient for meals on the hoof. Who isn’t on the hoof all day? And where can you grab a perfect meal every two hours…for under $3? Nowhere! So here’s my basic blender formula which covers all the nutritional bases, and then below, there’s an add-on list for those with money to burn, figuratively speaking. I add in these extras when I can afford them. BUT YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT THEM. I often do.

The Basic Blender Formula: 1/4 pound spinach, 1 large carrot, 1/2 beet, 1 apple, 1 clove garlic, 1 serving non-fat Greek yogurt, 16 ounces distilled water, 25 grams colostrum protein, and 1 serving almond butter. Suggested use: Drink one serving upon blending, and 3-4 more throughout the day in 2 hour increments. Aside from these shakes, I’ll eat 2-3 small, correct meals to augment my caloric demands. Ladies, although you can live off this, you might require a few additional calories. Please don’t be stupid.

The Add-on list: 1 spoon bee pollen, 1 spoon coconut oil, 1 spoon chia, ½ spoon turmeric, ½ spoon cinnamon, and a splash of Aloe Vera juice. The anabolic add-ons: 4 grams of each: Black ant powder, mucuna seeds, black nettle, red Korean ginsing, suma root, and deer antler velvet. (We can compound these ingredients upon special order)

Additional Supplements I take in the form of tablets, capsules and pills: Krill oil, 75mg DHEA, 50mg zinc, 1200mg red yeast rice and 500 mg niacin (both for cholesterol management), 200 mg Ubiquinol (the final form of CoQ-10), Turmeric, Bromelain, 1 aspirin, 40 mg of resveratrol, and 50 mg velvet antler extract (our Growth Factor product).

This might sound complicated, but once I have what I need and it’s laid out before me, it takes less than 5 minutes to prepare my food for the day. For those who eat like this, I promise – you can do anything with your body. Anything!

photo (8)It looks bad-ass because it is!!







To watch the making of a veggie shake on video: