Want that Extra Edge – Try Kettlebells

I was first introduced to kettlebells in 2005 when Guy Mezger brought them to his MMA gym, but despite the unorthodox and unfamiliar nature of the movements they made a profound improvement in my functional strength.  I noticed this immediately, especially when exerting efforts at off angles – like in real life – or with any sport.  Kettlebells take a little getting used to, and if a legitimate weight is used they force you to perform the work – no wiggle room for cheating, but they’re worth it if you want that extra edge.  For those wanting a quick down and dirty on instruction, I highly recommend Pavel Tsatsouline’s book “Enter the Kettlebell.”  Although I’d performed many routines up at Guy’s gym, this book was a quick and easy read which taught me all the primary movements.  And ladies, kettlebells are the best singular tool on earth for building a world class butt.  Are you up to the challenge?

Carr using a kettlebell in a workout.

Kettlebells can make a profound effect on your performance. 

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