What Are Growth Factors – Why Are They Important?

A growth factor is a molecule that works in our body to regulate cellular division, cellular differentiation and cellular survival.  Growth factors function within our body to regulate growth, repair and development by stimulating our body’s biochemical processes that affect all internal and external tissues.  There are 18 growth factors in all – regulating everything from muscle (IGF-1), to skin, to the central nervous system.  After age 25, the production of these vital growth factors falls dramatically and continues to decline, which ultimately reveals the physical signs of aging.  This is why GF (deer antler) or synthetic injectable HGH (human growth hormone) is so beneficial.  Injectable HGH signals your liver to produce these growth factors whereas GF actually contains them.  People taking these drugs will notice: better sleep, increased libido, improved recovery, increased strength, fat loss, reduced pain in joints and improved mood.  If you’d like to know more about both drugs, please read more under the header on our toolbar – Growth Factor.


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