What Exactly Do Growth Hormones Do – In Simple Layman’s Terms?

Growth hormones signal every cell in the human body to rejuvenate, to live their longest and work at optimum capacity – like they did when we were young.  We have an abundance of these hormones in youth, but after age 30 they plummet to almost nothing.  This is why most people take growth hormones.  Athlete’s want their muscles healing faster.  Older folks wish to slow down and to some extent reverse the effects of aging.  And the vain folks out there want firmer bodies and tighter skin.  Some of us (me) want all of the above:) 

Our Growth Factor (GF) contains every human growth factor and most people over 40 using our product average a 100 point gain in their IGF-1 levels.  (IGF-1 is the growth factor responsible for muscle tissue.  That’s why you often hear the term in relation to professional sports)  My IGF-1 went up 80 points, from 120 to 200.  My other growth factors went up even higher.  That’s mind bending – but true.  Please read more about it under our toolbar header – Growth Factor.  I’m the only manufacturer of a deer antler product who guarantees empirical results.  (This is because we use the finest antler, super concentrate it, and use an extraction process which completely preserves the bio-active growth factors)  Take our product and get your blood work done.  GF rocks!  

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