What Is Correct Exercise?

Someone cornered me yesterday and asked – what exactly do you mean by correct exercise?  So here are the fundamentals of a workout that are requisite to building and or shaping muscles:

The muscles must be worked at least twice a week with adequate rest in between.

One must isolate the muscle and work it from every angle.

The muscle must be sufficiently worked with an adequate number of sets (At least 12 sets, preferably 24 or more)

Variety in terms of weights, repetitions and exercises is imperative.  Muscle confusion is what triggers the muscle to develop (continual demands to which the muscle is unaccustomed)   

You must work until failure!  You have to move the weight until you can’t move the weight at all – failure.  A lot of people go through the motions but don’t work until failure – so the workout results in failure.

My ebook gives a comprehensive yet concise treatment to correct exercise. 

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