What kind of Athlete do You wanna Look Like?

If you wanna look like an Olympic swimmer, then train like one – but if you train and eat like a power lifter – that’s what you’re gonna look like – a meatball.  There isn’t a standard workout that fits everyone – one size fits all.  Athletes of a particular sport tend to resemble one another because they train and eat the same way.  And athletes of differing sports obviously don’t look the same.  Give thought to your body type, what sort of athlete you resemble – and hopefully admire, how you need to tailor your body, and then train and eat exactly like they do.  Copycat works!  Then again, if you don’t want to look anything like an athlete, but instead want to look like a bodybuilder – then only lift weights, live at the gym, stuff your face all day, and take lots of diuretics and steroids:)

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