What Supplements I’m Taking and Why

I’m embarrassed to admit that I take 8 supplements per day, but proud to say I take no vitamins or minerals, because I get them from raw veggies. So here’s what I’m taking and why:

Aspirin a day: I have an extremely high iron count (hematocrit runs about 58). 1 aspirin a day makes a dramatic difference in my blood flow. 7 minutes to fill a pint bag versus 20!

Bromelain: This is an anti-inflammatory, not only good for exercise recovery, but excellent for preserving cellular health – ie longevity.  

Turmeric: This is another excellent anti-inflammatory. Supplement manufacturers often package Bromelain and Turmeric together.

Ubiquinol: (The end form of CoQ10) Ubiquinol is a critical enzyme for cellular health. It is now touted as a leading anti-aging supplement.

Niacin: For some crazy reason I have high cholesterol, so I take 500mg a day of slow release niacin. It is a much safer alternative to statins which eat muscle tissue.

Red Yeast Rice: Another excellent homeopathic remedy for high cholesterol.

Krill Oil: Although fish oil has lately come under attack, I’m still a believer, especially since my good cholesterol is low. Krill oil is more bio-identical – more easily absorbed, so I go with Krill over regular fish oil.

DHEA: Everyone over age 35 should be taking DHEA. It supports and balances all testosterone levels in the body.

Deer Antler (Growth Factor): GF signals every cell in the body to be young, to recover quicker, and to live longer. (I manufacture the most potent deer antler in the world – please click on Growth Factor)

With just a few exceptions, everything I take is about cellular health and longevity. Cells are the building blocks of our physical being. Their health should be our primary focus.

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