What You Need to Know about Growth Hormone Levels

These days, everyone knows that growth hormones keep us young, tight and dynamite, but are excessive growth hormone levels harmful – yes. Same with testosterone, optimal levels can make a dramatic difference, but excessive levels can accelerate aging and lead to prostate cancer. Don’t get scared though, just remember Life Rule 101: Everything good for us is bad in excess. Aside from copious amounts of raw veggies and water, growth hormones are the most important supplement/drug we can put in our bodies. These are the critical numbers to remember: Most people over age 40 have IGF-1 levels between 90-120 (IGF-1 = insulin growth factor – the most commonly measured growth factor that helps repair muscle tissue). Teenagers have IGF-1 levels between 250-350. Ideal levels for all men over age 40 are around 200, so a modest infusion will do the trick. Our Growth Factor product takes our clients from 100/120 up to around 180/200. You never want to be over 250. This is the no-no number, and all injectable HGH products will shoot you over 250! This is why even tighter constraints were leveled against injectable HGH this year. Every study I’ve seen on accelerated aging and cancer deals with numbers over 250. So that’s it. Drive your numbers up around 200 – and no more, then you’ll derive all the benefits without any risk.   

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