Why Dena wants to Punch my Face?

I’m sure Dena could offer a thousand legitimate reasons why I deserve a shot to the face. And so could every woman I’ve dated. Why is that? Miraculously, I know the answer. Because I’ve never met any woman’s expectations. (And they’ve never met mine) Currently, our self-help oriented society is living in expectation denial, as if expectations are evil, unreasonable and should never be attached to anything or anyone. Well folks, that’s a denial of reality. We live in a cause and effect world of expectations. The answer isn’t to suppress your expectations, it’s to compromise and successfully negotiate them with your partner or anyone else for that matter. This is the only thing I know for sure about successful relationships. In saying as much, you obviously can’t negotiate with a terrorist who wants to drink your blood. To successfully broker a relationship, you have to be sane, the other person has to be sane, and you both must keep your ends of the bargain. So don’t deny your expectations. Honestly explain them and see if you can’t broker a good deal for yourself. I don’t want Dena punching me in the face. I just had my nose reconstructed – and she hits too hard. I’d rather negotiate:)

Check out the back on that beast. dena 02

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