Why Do Food Addicts get Handicapped Parking?

Drug addicts don’t get handicapped parking placards – but food addicts do.  That’s incredibly unfair!  Drug addicts don’t get Social Security disability – but food addicts do – why – so they can buy more food?  Parents who serve their children liquor go to jail – but parents who fatten their children – all day – every day – don’t.  They get sympathy.  When I was out getting hammered every night, the state didn’t swoop in to buy me a motorized cart.  Why not – walking was sometimes incredibly difficult.  (Instead, the state threw me on the pavement, cuffed me and placed me in a cage) WTF is going on in our country?  If it’s okay to stigmatize, incarcerate and attempt to force drug addicts into conformity, why are we bending over backwards to accommodate food addicts?

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