Why do Growth Hormones reduce Body Fat?

To grossly oversimplify, HGH and insulin act in opposition to one another. When HGH levels are high, it suppresses insulin production, and when insulin levels are high, it suppresses HGH production. Although insulin has many beneficial functions, even participating in muscle growth, most Americans eat far too many high glycemic carbohydrates and refined sugars, so most Americans are swimming with excess insulin, which crashes the body, triggers fat storage, and eventually leads to diabetes. Most Americans DO NOT have the problem of excessive HGH, quite the opposite. Ergo, if you supplement your HGH levels, it will help regulate the insulin response and you will burn more body fat. And if you eat right, exercise and augment your HGH levels, you can dramatically reduce body fat. Losing fat, whether using HGH or not, is about managing the insulin response, and that’s the theory behind the Adkins diet, except they use zero carbs to achieve zero insulin: No carbs = no dumping of insulin = stored fats get burned for energy. Eating a low carb diet, eating frequently to stimulate the metabolism, and boosting growth hormone levels is the key to shredding out. 

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