Why I don’t sell a bunch of Supplements

The supplement industry is a scam!  Supplements never have the quality, dosage or effectiveness they purport.  You cannot rely on supplements to meet your nutritional needs!  If one is eating raw veggies throughout the day or making veggie shakes, I swear that your vitamin and mineral levels will be perfect.  I don’t sell supplements because I encourage everyone to get their nutrition the correct way – by eating veggies.  Veggies can dramatically change health and body composition.  I sell only Growth Factor and our colostrum based Pinnacle Protein because these items cannot be legitimately found in the market place.  The only supplements you need to buy at the health food stores are DHEA and quality fish oil.  Don’t be a sucker for expensive supplements.  Just eat correctly.  And if you want to dial up your game, then add our products into your life:)  BUT EAT THOSE VEGGIES!    

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