Why our VA Healthcare System is F$cked

Our VA healthcare system has become a welfare conduit. Most people receiving 100% disability did not complete their term of enlistment, did not receive an honorable discharge, and have non service related injuries. THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE CUT FROM THE SYSTEM LIKE CANCER! If we cut off these undeserving deadbeats, the truly entitled would receive the care they deserve – and the money they deserve.

I broke my neck in the line of duty in 1992. When I broke it again in the exact same spot seventeen years later, the VA ignored my request for assistance – flat out – nothing. Thankfully I could afford the neck surgery. Now why do you think they ignored me? I can’t write the truth because it would be politically incorrect:)

The only thing I ever got from the VA hospital was a drug called Seroquil, for sleep. They gave it to me on a copay until five years ago when I got a new terrorist doctor who said it was too expensive. I offered to pay in full, but he said no. Now I buy it from a convict who doesn’t take it, never did, gets it for free, and at four times my dose. So now I pay for it twice, as an individual and as a taxpayer. Guess I should’ve hacked up an old lady instead of serving in the Navy.

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