Why Steroids didn’t Work for Me – or Perhaps You – and what Did Work

I’ve taken steroids – several times in life, actually gave them a darn good try, but they never worked for me the way I expected them to.  My muscles never grew larger.  Instead, I just got puffy and my athleticism, endurance, sex drive and sleep all but vanished.  Only 1 in 1,000 men have the genetics to respond to steroids, and I can tell just by looking at a man if he is a responder – or not.  Responders are natural genetic marvels.  They already look like they’re on steroids.  For everyone else, excessive hormones are just an overdose to the body’s ecosystem.  Everyone needs adequate testosterone levels – but no more.  You only need adequate testosterone levels to maximize your genetic potential.  So get your testosterone levels checked, but go in knowing – more is not better.  My disappointment with steroids (which are simply refined testosterones) eventually led me to redefine my goals.  About 10 years ago I decided to maximize what muscles God did want me to have, and more importantly to seek optimal health, performance and longevity.  This is why I started making veggie shakes and taking growth hormones.  (I was 38 years old)  Although I starting taking growth hormones for longevity, I eventually realized they were allowing me to accomplish with my body what I’d always hoped for with steroids.  I still didn’t grow in size, but I did become harder and was able to shape my muscles.  I’m not a very good salesman because I hate pushy people, and if you need testosterone you need testosterone, but I beg everyone to check out our growth factor – the only non-injectable growth hormone product that is guaranteed to work.  (Most people taking our product double their IGF-1 levels – and I beg everyone to get their blood work done.  If you’re like me – demand proof.)  Growth hormones are not quick magic, but they’re real magic – whether it’s rejuvenating skin tissue, bone tissue, organ tissue – or sculpting muscle tissue.  Their influence is like the rudder change on a giant ship.  Once the command is made the rudder moves, the changes are in motion, but as we all know – it takes time for a giant ship to realize it’s new course.  It’s never too late for a rudder change – optimize your course!

The clown in the middle was on steroids.  Guess who?  1988.   00000002 (3)

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