Why the Controversy over Deer Antler?

The internet is flooded with controversy as to whether deer antler really elevates growth hormone levels. This is exclusively due to  the extraction process. Recent medical school studies which prove it works are based on the new 43 extraction process. These are the studies upon which every antler vendor stakes his claim. Problem is, the 43 extraction process is extremely expensive, so almost nobody uses it. Instead, they use the cost effective New Zealand extraction process – which completely kills the growth factors. So the truth is, virtually every product on the market will NOT raise your growth hormone levels. I only know of 2 other companies in the US (other than myself) using the 43 extraction process. (And their stuff is testing at half my product strength) This bait and switch with antler products is the same thing we’ve seen with injectable human growth hormone. There’s the real thing, then there’s all the cheap sprays, pills and bogus crap claiming the benefits of the real thing. Same thing with steroids. On the other hand, if every company went to the expense of correctly extracting these growth factors, the FDA would step in and schedule antler as a drug. So the countless charlatans actually keep me in business. If you want the real deal, I’m making it correctly and stronger than anyone in the world. That’s why I’m the only guy in the world giving a blood work guarantee. You don’t have to wonder if my sh#t works. My clients average 60-120% gains in overall growth hormone levels. Some go higher, but only ONE client in two years had gains less than 60% after 3 months use.

Great rack on Julia – in only 3 weeks:)           antlers

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