Will Your Children Grow Taller taking Growth Factor?

Many zealous fathers (athletes) have asked if their children will grow larger taking Growth Factor.  The answer is – yes, absolutely! If your children are still growing both HGH injections and GF will accelerate growth.  Although MD’s prescribe HGH to children with growth hormone deficiency and homeopathic physicians prescribe pharmaceutical grade GF, the accelerated growth benefits will affect all children.  My friend from high school Glenn Evans had his child on it for one year – and he grew SIX INCHES that year! Now when a child’s bone platelets fuse (when they stop growing) roughly between the ages of 18-21, then the game is over – no more accelerated growth in height. After that, these hormones simply signal the cells to stay young and healthy.  I am not a physician and am not pushing GF on children, but I can say this – GF is nontoxic at any dose, has no negative side effects and has been used for thousands of years on children with growth deficiency. Why every father doesn’t have his boys on GF is a mystery to me. 

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