Winding up Your Workout with 10 Rounds of Functional Strength and Conditioning – Highly Advanced

After muscle isolation work (the cosmetic exercises for building and sculpting muscles), it’s excellent to conduct 10 rounds of functional strength and conditioning work.  For example, on upper body day after isolation work, throw on a weighted vest (or not) and perform 10 rounds of a routine that consists of something like:  10 pull ups, 10 dips, 10 dumbbell rows with each arm and then 10 decline pushups.  Then rest for a minute before going another round.  It’s important to go 10 rounds, but you can stack the exercises lightly or indefinitely depending on your strength and level of conditioning.  I like to alternate exercises between chest and back so I don’t burnout.  On leg days after muscle isolation work, try wearing a vest and building up a round like:  10 ply metrics (leaping up onto a platform), 20 side to side leaping lunges – (jumping over a shorter platform sideways), and then 10 more ply metrics on that same shorter platform – as a burn out.  Again, you could be doing leaping lunges, side to side leaping lunges, or any leg drills which are explosive and on your feet.  I always wobble out of the gym when I go 10 rounds like this, but on boxing and sprint days, I certainly notice more leg under me.  You don’t have to kill yourself when building up 10 round drills.  Start out using lighter weights (if any) and fewer exercises.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can add weight and exercises, and how dramatically your performance improves.  Like the CrossFit types, figure out your routine/POD (plan of the day) and then blast through it 10 times.

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