Windmills – Great for Shaping Core and Legs

Windmills are half squat (uniquely offset to one side), half core shredder – and excellent for building overall functional strength.  Windmills are difficult to explain so I’ve posted two photos below.  Dena descends correctly in the first photo (facing away from the camera) and incorrectly in the second (She’s holding the weight with the wrong arm).  The windmill should start with one leg forward holding the bell (or dumbbell) directly overhead with the opposing arm.  Then, reach down slowly with the free hand and touch the outside forward ankle while completely twisting the body and head to face up toward the bell.  The back leg remains straight.  (A lot of people get this wrong bending both knees)  Completely twist the body and bend the forward leg only to complete the movement.  (The front leg performs the squat)  Also, if you reach down with the wrong arm, the body will be misaligned with the weight and you could injure your back.  Study the photos below.


Correct Arm Up                             Incorrect Arm Up

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