Worried about a Conspiracy to Rob Your Civil Liberties – a Bit of Good News

The government is enormous and we should scale off about half the jobs, as well as the useless people who fill them, but if you’re worried about federal law enforcement agencies invading your privacy and robbing your civil liberties, I’d like to share what I’ve observed working with these men. First off, technology is exponentially out of control. If the bad guys (terrorists, hackers and other criminals) can invade our lives, we need good guys in there going toe to toe with them. So who are these good guys? We’ve all seen true crime shows where a detective puts in years of unpaid overtime to solve a crime. And we all asked ourselves the same question – why would he obsess over that case for 17 years? Because these are men of conviction who serve truth, justice and the American way! There is no other motive. I observed this same type of man every time I worked with US Customs, the DEA, NIS and the Secret Service. Trust me these are impressive men. They’re brilliant and they consistently work FAR beyond their pay. (Regrettably, there are exceptions – but few) I hope this makes you feel better. These men are literally holding our fragile nation together, them and the military. If you wanna freakout on something, focus on the self-dealing politicians and deadbeats who live on handouts. They’ll ruin America long before any law enforcement conspiracy.

Another Secret Service pick 1994.   00000030 (2)    They really hated that tie.

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