Worst UN Journalist Ever – on LSD – 1985

What publication accredits a sexist 19 year old punk to attend a United Nations conference on women’s suffrage? Only the Bastrop Advertiser. Here’s how everyone around me suffered: Imagine enduring a 12 hour flight to Nairobi, sitting next to a 19 year old tripping on LSD, who smoked an entire carton of cigarettes during the flight (butt to butt) gotta love those duty free carts, drank 30+ beers (they used to be free back then), and painted nonstop with the overhead light on. (Yes, I actually took along a paint set) The gal to my left was Belle Abzug, God rest her soul. She wanted to claw my eyes out, but she didn’t. After the conference, after two weeks of similar behavior, I signed on for a photo safari with seven women over the age of 65. As the driver loaded our coolers for the weeklong trip, I made him remove all the water bottles, and fill them strictly with beer. I was that selfish. And when the women found out three hours into the ride, they all wanted to claw my eyes out, but they didn’t. They just lived on beer that week. There wasn’t a woman in Kenya who didn’t wanna rip out my eyes. When I submitted my articles to the Bastrop, they refused to publish them. I honestly can’t remember what I wrote, but I’m guessing they read something like Hunter S. Thompson with a lobotomy. Now at the age of 50, I somehow still have my eyes. Don’t ask me, only God knows how.  

There’s the brat.   kenya

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