You Have the Body every Woman Wants

If someone said to Dena – You have the body every woman wants, I’d say of course they do, but when a lady said that to me in the grocery store I considered suicide:/  She must’ve noticed the emasculated horror on my face so she clarified herself – You have nice curves from the side.  (I guess I should take any compliment I can get)  Without exploring the creepy comment further, I will concede that if I were a woman I’d be doing the exact same exercises for my backside that I do now.  So here’s a unisexual list of backside shaping exercises – all high rep:  Kettlebell swings, straight leg deadlifts, single leg straight leg deadlifts (using dumbbell or kettlebell), Suma squats (using KB or DB), cossack squats, weight under chin squats and explosive squats with the weight behind the neck going up onto the toes.  If you wanna shape your backside – do these exercises.  Men – don’t worry about looking like a chick.  That lady was obviously out of her mind.  

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